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Password-protected 3D file


You sell 3D designs in STL or OBJ formats to clients. Before they make payment, you usually show them a few screenshots of a model but they would want to play with it in real 3D, view it in detail from different angles, and then decide whether to buy it.

As STL and OBJ are open formats, you cannot just give your clients the original files. You may give them a simplified version but they cannot see the details, which often determine the price of a model.

Now, you can send your clients a model file in LuBan format protected by a password. They can view it in LuBan in every detail but without the password they cannot modify it or convert it to an open format. After they make payment, you send them the password; then they can unlock the file.

This feature is free. You do not need a LuBan license in order to set a password to a model.

What you do

1. Run LuBan.

2. Open an STL or OBJ that you hope to protect with a password.

3. File -> Set password.

4. File -> Save. Save the model in LuBan format. You will get two files: XXX.fgs and XXX.fgd.

5. Send both files to your clients.

What your clients do

1. Download XXX.fgs and XXX.fgd files.

2. Run LuBan.

3. Open XXX.fgs. He can view it anyway he wants in LuBan.

4. After receiving the password from you, he can File -> Export -> STL or OBJ. Then, the model will be saved in STL or OBJ format. You no longer have any control on the model.

To unlock a file larger than 5MB, either you or your client should have a LuBan license; however, you can bypass the unlocking feature by giving your client the STL directly after receiving his payment.

Please note that after unlock, you have no control over the model. Your client can pass the converted STL to anyone. If you hope to know which one of your clients shared a model without your permission, you need a different solution: that is MeshSafe:

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