About MeshSafe

MeshSafe is a standalone program developed by LuBan team to help 3D artists, designers, and modelers track their 3D models.

MeshSafe embeds a signature in a model that can be used to identify the creator of the model or a customer who purchases the model. A model with a signature looks exactly the same as the original model. The signature can only be viewed when the original and the signed models are scanned by MeshSafe.

Download MeshSafe

Free 30-day Trial License

To apply MeshSafe functions, a computer need a license. Download  and run MeshSafe; go to "Help -> About"; copy and send us the line of license ID, including the braces and OS information. Our technical team will email you a trial license.

Some users experienced a virus warning when downloading MeshSafe because MeshSafe is not registered with Microsoft. There is NO virus in MeshSafe.

Buy MeshSafe License

1 year: USD 240

Permanent: USD 960

After making payment, please send us your computer's license ID. (Run MeshSafe, "Help -> About", license ID; include the braces and OS information.) Our technical team will email you a license within 48 hours.

MeshSafe requires internet connection on a computer.

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