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About MeshSafe

MeshSafe is a standalone program developed by LuBan team to help 3D artists, designers, and modelers track their 3D models.

MeshSafe embeds a signature in a model that can be used to identify the creator of the model or a customer who purchases the model. A model with a signature looks exactly the same as the original model. The signature can only be viewed when the original and the signed models are scanned by MeshSafe.

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Download MeshSafe

MeshSafe License

MeshSafe has a unique license ID for each computer. The ID can be read by running MeshSafe and go to menu "Help -> About".


All text in the line of License ID,  includes the braces and OS information, is needed to register a license. An unregistered ID shows "Unlicensed".


There are several types of licenses.

Unregistered license: A computer can run MeshSafe to view models while signing of models is limited to small-sized files, not larger than 10MB.


Trial license: Full access to all MeshSafe features for 6 months.

One-year license: Full access for 1 year.

Permanent license: Full access forever.

A permanent license does not require internet connection when running MeshSafe, while a timed license does.

Replacing a registered license to run MeshSafe on a different computer is free.

Free Trial License

Send your MeshSafe license ID, including the braces and OS information, using the web form. We will register the license and reply your email in 48 hours.

Thanks! Message sent.

Some users experienced a virus warning when downloading MeshSafe because MeshSafe is not registered with Microsoft. There is NO virus in MeshSafe.

Buy MeshSafe License

1 year: USD 240

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Permanent: USD 960

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Thanks! Message sent.

After making payment, please send us your computer's license ID. (Run MeshSafe, "Help -> About", license ID; include the braces and OS information.) We will register the license and reply your email in 48 hours.

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