LuBan License

LuBan has a unique license ID on each computer. The ID can be found in "Help -> About" of LuBan.


All text in License ID, including the braces and OS information, is needed to register a license. An unregistered ID shows "Unlicensed".

There are several types of licenses.

Unregistered license: A computer can run LuBan to process and view data while saving of processed results is limited to small-sized files, not larger than 5MB.


Trial license: Full access to all LuBan features for 30 days.

Education license: Full access for 6 months.

One-year license: Full access for 1 year.

Permanent license: Full access forever.

A permanent license dose not require internet connection when running LuBan, while a timed license does.

Within a licensed period, all upgrades are free. A permanent license can get free upgrades forever. To upgrade, just download the latest LuBan.

Replacing a registered license to run LuBan on a different computer is free.

Free Trial License

Send your LuBan license ID, including the braces and OS information, using the web form. We will register the license and reply your email in 48 hours.

Some users experienced a virus warning when downloading LuBan. This is because we did not register as a Microsoft developer. There is NO virus in LuBan.

Buy LuBan License

1 year: USD 60

Permanent: USD 300

After making payment, please send us your LuBan license ID. We will register the license and reply your email in 48 hours.

License Upgrade

A user only need pay the price difference to upgrade from a 1-year to a permanent license. License price change does not affect the upgrade fee of an existing user. (LuBan price has increased over time due to the development cost of many new features. See News page.)

Bought 1-year at $20, pay $120 - $20 = $100 to get permanent.
Bought 1-year at $30, pay $150 - $30 = $120 to get permanent.
Bought 1-year at $40, pay $200 - $40 = $160 to get permanent.
Bought 1-year at $50, pay $250 - $50 = $200 to get permanent.
Bought 1-year at $60, pay $300 - $60 = $240 to get permanent.


When a user renews a 1-year license, his payments are accumulated. When the total payments add up to the price of a permanent license, the user's license will be converted to permanent.

Please email to request for license upgrade.

Free Education License

You may request for a six-month free education license with your school email account.

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